New NSF grant to study how Covid disrupt research networks

Image courtesy Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

Covid has significantly disrupted many international teams, especially those focused on basic and applied research in developing countries. To understand how the pandemic affects international collaboration networks, the National Science Foundation has awarded us a new EAGER grant for two years.

Entitled “Inclusiveness and Diversity as Building Blocks of Resilient International Research Teams in the Age of COVID-19”, our project will examine the role of inclusiveness and diversity in building resilient teams.

The project is led by Prof. Gregory A. Kiker, in collaboration with Dr. Erica Odera, Dr. Igor Linkov and myself. It will look at three case studies, the USAID FTF Livestock Systems Innovation Laboratory (LSIL), the Ghana Land Use Planning (GALUP), and the UF Sustainable Savannas/Wildlife Economy Initiative.

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