New report on women’s empowerment in West Africa

In a report published by the World Food Programme today, my colleagues Leena Hoffmann, Paul Melly and I highlight some of the constraints that tend to limit the scope for women to achieve higher incomes from a more diverse and sustainable range of agriculture-related activities in West Africa. Building on a comparative study of the … Continue reading New report on women’s empowerment in West Africa

Linking borderlands research and policy

Linking borderlands research and policy was at the heart of a conference organized by Point Sud Bamako and the African Borderlands Research Network at LASDEL in Niamey last week. Thanks again to Mareike Schomerus and Gregor Dobler for having us on board and putting together such great panels! My colleagues Leonardo Villalón, Leena Hoffmann, Lawali Dambo, … Continue reading Linking borderlands research and policy

Political violence in the Sahel-Sahara

The Sahel and the Sahara are faced with exceptional political instability involving a combination of rebellions, jihadist insurgencies, military coups, protest movements and illegal trafficking. In this new OECD working paper and blog, I argue that the Sahel-Sahara is not just the victim of an escalation of wars and conflicts that marked the 20th century. … Continue reading Political violence in the Sahel-Sahara

Mapping conflicts and alliances across North-West Africa

The relationships between armed groups in North and Western Africa are often characterized by widely varying rivalries and alliances. Groups that were fighting each other one day can very well be allied the next day. In a recent paper published in Terrorism and Political Violence, my co-authors Christian Leuprecht and David Skillicorn and I have used network … Continue reading Mapping conflicts and alliances across North-West Africa

Nigeria and Benin to host major border conference in 2018

The 16th edition of the Border regions in Transition (BRIT) Conference will be co-hosted by the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and the University of Abomey-Calavi in Benin from October 15 - 18, 2018. It is the first time that BRIT - one of the two leading border conferences … Continue reading Nigeria and Benin to host major border conference in 2018

New book addresses transnational organizations in Africa

Our new book "African Border Disorders" was published in the Routledge Series in African and International Politics this week. Edited with my colleague Bill Miles at Northeastern, the book explores the relationships that bind states, transnational rebels and extremist organizations, and borders in Africa. Combining network science with geographical analysis, the first part of the book highlights … Continue reading New book addresses transnational organizations in Africa

“Hezbollah’s Global Tentacles”

Our paper our Hezbollah’s criminal networks in North America finally appeared in print in Terrorism and Political Violence. Written with my Canadian colleagues Christian Leuprecht, David Skillicorn and Hillary Ryde-Collins almost two years ago, the paper uses social network analysis to map two fundraising networks for which sufficient open-source intelligence was available. It confirms that … Continue reading “Hezbollah’s Global Tentacles”