The Border Studies Co-authorship dataset (1986-2018)

Border studies have become increasingly global over the past two decades. Yet, in a new paper published in the Journal of Borderlands Studies (JBS), we show that border scholars have a strong preference for publishing within their own country.

Our paper builds on a novel database who contains the year, issue, names, and country of residence at the time of publication of the authors who published in JBS from the first volume in 1986 to the 4th issue of the 33rd volume in 2018 using the journal’s website.

Because our goal was to understand how border scholars publish together, we selected only full papers and did not take book reviews, commentaries, obituaries and other short articles into account. The Border Studies Co-authorship (BSC) dataset contains 740 different authors from 32 countries. It can be downloaded here: CoauthorshipNetworkData1986-2018.

The BSC dataset is available for use free of charge by non-commercial entities and organizations using the data for non-commercial purposes. All other commercial exploitation of our dataset is prohibited.

If using the BSC dataset in any way, the data must be clearly acknowledged with a full citation: Walther O, Klatt M, Boedeltje F (2019) Mapping international co-authorship networks in border studies (1986-2018). Journal of Borderlands Studies. DOI:10.1080/08865655.2019.1685402.

If you have any other questions about the data, contact us directly at owalther(at)

A previous version of this work was published on this blog last year.


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